Monday, October 1, 2012

Fine by Birthday Time #1

**Editor note - I should have posted this weeks ago on September 12th. Due to my crazy work schedule that did not happen. However, this is still very relevant to my goal.**

So earlier this week I stepped onto this (here on referred to as Mister):

And got this O_O:

I stepped onto Mister again to be sure that number was correct and it was all “Do like I tellya”!!

I immedJETly went out and purchased new running shoes a pair of regular workout shoes. I gathered some gear that had been sitting on a shelf in my garage, I cleaned up my workout play list, made sure my Couch25k was updated and set a goal:

 20 by 12/12
Fine by Birthday Time!

Can I tell y’all how disgusted I was when that number popped up on Mister??? I was so disappointed in myself.  Last year in November I was about 190 give or take. I was looking goodT, jeans were falling off, I was >>>thisclose<<< to sliding (instead of squeezing) into size 14 then BOOM.  I got holiday comfortable. I ate more than I exercised, that five pound gain that would have been easier to lose turned into a 37lb gain. I got lazy as hell.

I feel every one of those extra pounds too. I am far more fatigued, my knees ache and my stomach has this bottomless pit thing going on, I mean I eat and eat! I hate it! More importantly I am really diappointed in myself, I fell off the wagon and I fell hard.  What I know for sure though is I really do feel better after working out and I know working out is KEY to my weight loss and maintenance.

So, the goal for the next 90 days is to lose 20lbs. Ninety days from 9/12 is 12/12, my actual born on date.  I will keep track of my progress on the blog every Wednesday. Y’all better watch me work! Fine by Birthday Time is officially in full affect around 18082!

What are some things YOU do to make exercising a regular part of your life or to simply be healthier?


Adrienne said...

You can doooooooooooooooo it!!!!!!!!!

Beautifully Complex said...

I am so feeling you on this post ! Good luck lady, you have set a very attainable goal. I need to motivate myself as well, because I have gotten way to comfortable. For me it starts in my mind, and everything else follows. But lately my mind has just been playing tricks on me LOL.

K. Rock said...

I have gained 7 lbs since the start of the year (which is a lot for me) and like you I feel every single one. I started day 1 of the 30 Day Shred last night bc I needed to do something about it. So good luck to you! You can do it!

Ninah said...

20 by the 12th! Let's go!!!

FFWFullFiguredWoman said...

T so proud of you, you can do it. I believe in you, cause you believed in me.:-)