Sunday, November 4, 2012

#AThankful30Days Day 4 Sunday Dinner

 Everybody knows I love a great get together. I am sure it all started when my mom would throw house parties in our basement when we lived OH in the late 70s early 80s...those parties were legendary! LOL  It could also be from coming from a large family where get togethers were big and loud and full of laughter and food. LOTS and LOTS of food.

In between holiday gatherings there was always Sunday dinner at Mudear's house.  Mudear would normally cook a big old pot of greens or pinto beans the night before so all that would be required is a slow reheat.  She would then put on a roast before church that would have her house smelling all kinds of good.  By the time we made it home from all day service (LOL) all that would be left would be for her or one of my aunts to make the macaroni and cheese and bake whatever bread we would eat. It is likely I had already had the cake baked as well.
The aroma of that cut of beef slow roasting in it's on juices with mushrooms and onions and bell peppers; cornbread that tasted more like cake then actual bread to eat with the best pot of turnip or collard or mustard greens ever and some hot, bubbly oven baked macaroni and cheese! Chile. Please.    
*takes a moment to wave holy hands*

More important than the food was how we all came together.  My younger cousins would stop by, whatever old friend of my aunts or uncles or mom would pay the family a was the people gathering of it all that I loved so much. Food was just the catalyst!

Even with our busy schedules I still LOVE cooking Sunday dinner a couple of times a month.  Sunday dinner holds really wonderful memories for me and I hope to pass on those traditions and appreciations to my daughters as well.
This week's Sunday dinner consisted of buttermilk brined fried chicken, homemade skin on mashed potatoes with sage butter gravy and a fresh vegetable stir fry of snow peas and zucchini with dill. 


Beautifully Complex said...

This post made me smile. I love family gatherings and of course good food. Coming in from church and smelling roast in the oven..... nothing like it !

Reggie said...

This post made me hungry.