Monday, November 12, 2012

Fine by Birthday time #3

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Um yeah. So I am tanking with this whole 20 pound goal.  Well that's a bit dramatic. I've increased my exercise schedule since I began the challenge along with my water intake.  However, my eating habits have not been good. At all.  So since it is a full month until Birthmas I am going to make the for real effort to make my eating habits coincide with all of the exercising I've been doing and see if that number on Mister moves south a little more.

I have been doing stupid stuff like skipping breakfast, carb loading and having my way with sugar lately. For the next 30 days I will:

  1. Eat breakfast every morning
  2. Have a morning and afternoon snack
  3. Make a healthier lunch choice, and
  4. Dinner by 630

I am also going to post more frequently to hold myself accountable.  I need accountability. Happy Monay!

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