Monday, December 17, 2012

Pantry Organization Ideas

So if you've seen my pantry you know it is in dire need of some TLC.  I am completely embarrassed to have even shown y'all that mess!  I have been combing these here internets and Pinterest (of course) for some inexpensive ideas and I was OVERWHELMED by the sheer amount of organizing people do.  I thought my OCD was bad but girl, no!  There are people that get it in!! LOL

So after sifting through tons of pictures and reading loads of web sites I think I finally have a more detailed idea of what I want my pantry to look like and the materials I want to use to achieve it.  Since my pantry is not the size of walk in closet I have to be extremely mindful of my space limitations. 

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

This is one of my favorite ideas for cookie sheets and cutting boards
Image Credit

I love the etching on the jars. Fortunately, I have a neighbor that does this!
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OMG! What an ingenious idea! For the amount of fresh garlic
and shallots I use this is cute and functional!
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This will free up soooo much space on my pantry shelves for storing ketchup, vinegars, etc.
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The more functional ideas I see the more excited I get about actually getting the pantry completed.  I am going to take @NerdGirl's suggestion and paint the entire pantry because I KNOW I will regret it later if I don't!

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