So E had a come to Je-sus talk with me about my timeliness and how it affects B and her issues with responsibility. Eye-opening! Thankfully, I was receptive to all he had to say!  I am expeditiously taking steps to improve some things he pointed out; not only because he pointed them out but because I know they are issues too.

I already have my Christmas color scheme for this year. White tree...that's all I'm saying right now!

I LOVE Christmas time

We had a life altering event happen to us this summer. It made me thankful for my faith and for being semi-prepared.  Once we come out on the other side, we are going balls to the wall to make sure our preparedness is top notch chick get the most not the lesser.

I like sprinkling rap lyrics or movie quotes in my everyday vernacular! LOLOL

I probably quote The Color Purple once a least

I am going back to school this fall. I’m trying to wrap my head around that.

NOT having this particular degree is limiting my income by about $25k. Like, when I get this degree and because of my experience and skill set I can immediately increase my income by at least $25k. Many companies are just now moving to something our company's been doing for two years now.

Yeah back to school I go

I am taking Friday off for all of August. I don’t feel like I have had a summer break because of this work issue.  I miss my sweet Babe too.  She always lets me know when she needs some momma time. She has spoken loud and clear! LOL

She is going to be a 5th grader *strokes out*

She is still looking for her signature shoe for this year after I nixed the Doc Martens idea…too hot and too pricey. 

I remember we used to buy knock offs for $20 when I was growing up! Remember how when Mary J Blige came on the scene rocking those jokas and we ALL wanted a every color?? Oh. That was just me? OK

In the past her signature shoes have been: Converse for two years, ballet flats and booties

I will have to take pictures of the pre-back to school fashion show she puts on for me after she decides all of her first week outfits. *eyeroll*

Signature shoes and back to school fashion shows…who does that? Oh. My kid.

My backyard is a hot funky fried mess! I pulled weeds and cleaned it all up last weekend...I am still super sore. The bending and pulling and raking and brick body was begging for mercy!! The country girl in me loves doing that stuff though.

Our local garden center has all of their plants 70% off, I was all up in that thang! Once I figure out how to keep the dog from peeing on my plants and they actually start to fill out, I will take pictures

I've finally decided on some exciting plans for the backyard....just gotta call Mr. Joe to see if he make my vision a reality.

However, don't let me figure out how to use a saw and what not...I will build what I want myself!!! #NoJoke

What’s going on random with you???