Monday, December 17, 2012

Pantry Organization Ideas

So if you've seen my pantry you know it is in dire need of some TLC.  I am completely embarrassed to have even shown y'all that mess!  I have been combing these here internets and Pinterest (of course) for some inexpensive ideas and I was OVERWHELMED by the sheer amount of organizing people do.  I thought my OCD was bad but girl, no!  There are people that get it in!! LOL

So after sifting through tons of pictures and reading loads of web sites I think I finally have a more detailed idea of what I want my pantry to look like and the materials I want to use to achieve it.  Since my pantry is not the size of walk in closet I have to be extremely mindful of my space limitations. 

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

This is one of my favorite ideas for cookie sheets and cutting boards
Image Credit

I love the etching on the jars. Fortunately, I have a neighbor that does this!
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OMG! What an ingenious idea! For the amount of fresh garlic
and shallots I use this is cute and functional!
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This will free up soooo much space on my pantry shelves for storing ketchup, vinegars, etc.
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The more functional ideas I see the more excited I get about actually getting the pantry completed.  I am going to take @NerdGirl's suggestion and paint the entire pantry because I KNOW I will regret it later if I don't!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pantry Organization Project - What I Want

I am embarrassed that I am putting myself on blast like this...that pantry is atrocious!

What I want to accomplish with the Pantry Organization Project:
  •  Effectively utilize all of the space in the pantry, the floor and the height
  • Paint or wallpaper. I haven’t decided if I am going to update the puke yellow color that is there now or just leave it as is and repaint the shelves only
  • I want to have a designated space for all of my baking necessities, flours, cornmeal, chocolate chips, etc.
  • A space for dry pastas
  • I have a binder basket full of extra spices that require organization too
  • A space for lunch and snack items needs to be carved out
  • I want to find baskets for the floor to hold the extra of the things we use often and for miscellaneous items that don’t require designated space but still need to be properly organized
  • I want to move all of the small appliances I don't use often out to the garage (which needs major cleaning also) where there is proper shelving to hold all of that stuff, chafing dishes, pasta maker, etc.
  • I also want a space for my likka until I find a nice beverage cart to place in the living room
  • I want something to hold boxes of foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags etc.
  • A proper bin for the dog food (haven’t decided if this will remain in the pantry or get moved to the garage)
  • I want to add a hook or two to hold a couple of aprons
  • I want to designate a space for my cookie sheets and cutting boards as well
  • A new door...maybe