Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"You're fan girling. Over a stove?!"

My kid is so shadeful y'all.  She and her dad made real good fun of me over my excitement for a stove.  However, I am honestly and without shame, fan girling over a stove.  It is a gas freestanding double oven! I swoon every time I see it! Look.At.It!!!!!

I didn't even know I needed it until I saw it in one of my food magazines...lolol.  I can totally justify the purchase to E. Thanksgiving will be at our house this year and I can just add saving for this stove to the long list of projects and purchases that have to be completed or buy before November.  Imagine the time saved and the food that will be cooked in this baby!!
I want her y'all. I want her bad!

What is something you are currently coveting that you absolutely MUST have?


Babs said...

I have to have this bag.


I def need it before my trip to Italy, but I'd love to have it before the end of the month.

RhapsodyDiva said...

I want this oven bad too. I need it in my life.

RhapsodyDiva said...

I NEED her too. It's a must. Do you see what all it can accomplish. Meals in a snap. Girl you are wrong for posting this.

Nerd Girl said...

Nice! I've been trying to figure out how to make a double oven happen in my life.

I want bookshelves from Cost Plus. They're soooo pretty. But I just spent my "free" money on tickets home, so I've got to save for them and hope they're still available when my cash is up :)